ATUS - Intelligent Public Transportation Systems



Welcome to ATUS Help.

Atus is the Smart Public Transportation System developed by Konya Metropolitan Municipality to provide cohesion to public transportation users.

With the help of Atus;

·        Which route the public transportation lines pass through,

·        The flight times of the bus lines,

·        The estimated number of minutes after which the public transportation vehicle will arrive at the expected or specified stop,

·        You can find out the nearest stops to the specified address.

Any computer with an internet connection is a web page that we can use from phones and other devices. By entering the address from any web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.)

Mobile ATUS Applications - Konya Mobile City Guide

It is a useful b, r application that you can use on phones and mobile devices with iOS or Android operating system and contains many features with Atus functions. When you search with the keyword "Konya" on the App Store or Google Play, you can easily find it and download it to your device.

Internet connection is required for the use of the mobile atus application. In order for the program to work fully efficiently, location services must be on your device.

Installation and use of Konya Mobile City Guide is completely free of charge.

It is a web page that you can use from any computer, phone and other devices with an internet connection.

You can use it by entering the address from any internet explorer (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.).


ATUS SMS Service

With the SMS service designed for people who do not have a smartphone or do not have an internet connection on their phone, you can find out when the vehicle you are waiting for will arrive at the stop.

To use this service, simply write atus and leave a space, then add your stop number and send it to 5669.

After a short time, you will be informed about which vehicles will pass after the stop you specify.

You can learn your stop number from the Atus tags at the stops.

The first 4 uses of Atus Sms Service during the day are free of charge. Further uses will be charged by your carrier.


ATUS QR Code Service

You can find out which vehicle will arrive at the stop and when by using the  QR Code on the ATUS labels at the stops. In order to use this service, you must have a QR Code reading program on your phone or mobile device. With these programs, an address will be uploaded to your device when you scan the QR Code. You can find out the estimated arrival times by allowing the program to open this address.

For the use of Atus QR Code Service, you must have an internet connection on your phone or other mobile devices.


Atus Vehicle Displays

While traveling, you can follow the Atus vehicle displays in the vehicles to get information about your trip, such as which stops the vehicle has passed and will pass, the next stop and so on.

What is the accuracy rate of the information obtained in Atus?

The arrival times at the stop specified in Atus are estimated times produced by considering criteria such as traffic and passenger density in a similar period of time.

The vehicle positions you see on the map in Atus are the coordinates obtained by using global positioning satellites. Since weather conditions will directly affect the coordinate determination process, deviations may occur from time to time.

In Atus, you can follow the vehicles moving on the line at that moment. If there is no vehicle working on the line in question, you will not be given any information. In such cases, you can find out the departure time of your vehicle by following the tariff on the Atus web page or mobile application.

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