ATUS - Intelligent Public Transportation Systems

Transportation Fees



* The price tariffs of contactless debit cards are 8,50 TL with contracted banks and 9,20 TL with non-contracted banks.




* Full Elkards can be obtained from any KONYAKART loading point for a fee.


* Personalized KONYAKART can be obtained from Konya Metropolitan Municipality KONYAKART Branch Directorate or KONYAKART web page.


SUBSCRIPTION LOADING FEES                      


* You can travel unlimited number of times for 30 days in buses and trams in Konya center by loading a subscription to your KONYAKART for a fee.


* Subscriptions cannot be installed on full KONYAKARTs which supplied from KONYAKART loading points. For this, it is necessary to obtain a personalized full KONYAKART from the KONYAKART branch office or from the KONYAKART web page.


* The second and additional travel to be made on bus and tram transfer lines with KONYAKART is free of charge. The second trip to be made within the minutes determined on other lines is 40% discounted.

* Transfer discounts are not applied on banking cards and NFC-enabled phones.

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